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The Old Order Changeth

A week today voters will go to a poll the Government, Labour, Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and sundry others never wanted nor envisaged. The EU Parliamentary Election of 2019.

The UK will vote for the very last time, regional representatives to the European Parliament as MEPs.

Despite the UK Referendum on Membership of the EU in 2016 when a majority of votes counted in the final tally as NAYES - Britain has managed to lurch unsteadily towards 23 May 2019 still pinioned to Brussels.

The Conservative Party, nominally holds the poisoned chalice that is HM Government, in a Parliament riven by dissent, petty ambitions, indetermined party leaders and an overall malaise - and grimly determined to cling on to shreds of power. This is despite the tsumani of public opinion held across the country, that its time has passed and no reshuffling of ministerial portfolios or puffery from Number Ten - can deflect the intent and will through an ever larger majority of voters on May 23rd showing their anger at nearly three years of maladministration in Westminster and Whitehall.

Not that public discontent is confined solely to the Conservatives. The Labour Party with its janus complex of wanting to garner both remain and leave voters is destined to find its fate falling between two surging tides of widespread national malaise. A glance at the voting chart of the 2016 Referendum reveals the depth of resentment at this country's fate as a satrapy of a Brussels mafia intent on moulding European nations with great history and national sentiments - into a single bloc run by technocrats and unelected elites. Continuance inside this 'black hole' by the UK was eminently exposed in the recent 'fly on the wall' television documentary unintentionally releasing the true sentiments of the European Union and its 'Commissioners'.

That our country has put its faith in the political pygmies occupying Downing Street since 2016 to sit down and break bread with EU henchmen in order to bring about a fair and equitable settlement terms by which Britain exercises its right to withdraw from Membership - has been both naive and ultimately an exercise in political self delusion. An exercise exposed finally by a riven Parliament and repeated rejection of the 'deal' cobbled together by Downing Street hacks and presented to a closed door meeting of the Cabinet at Chequers. The portents of ensuing rejection in and by Parliament became immediately apparent with the resignations of prominent Cabinet Members, not the least of whom was the man charged with leading the government's negotiations and discourse with the European Commission team and its French negotiator - a certain M. Barnier. A latter-day Robespierre.

That the electorate was expected to peruse, let alone understand, five hundred pages of legal gobbydegook heralded as the best 'deal' this country can achieve, after repeated shuttles back and forth to Brussels by the Prime Minister and her acolytes - is almost laughable. That a once great political party - the Conservatives, can sink so low in public esteem through repeated missteps and fixated miscalculations in implementing a democratically arrived at national referendum outcome is in and of itself a damning indictment of its current leadership.

As shown in Washington DC two years ago - arrogant disdain for 'the people' and cynical exercise of power -(by both main US political parties) - inflated by reflections and glare of 24/7 media attention - leads over time to complete disconnect with reality.

And so to Thursday 23rd May in Britain. Just like on Referendum Day we will witness a judgement on this monumental failure of a government now bereft of power. As after the failed Narvik expedition in 1940 when the Conservative administration of Chamberlain attempted to reshuffle failed policies of appeasement in previous years (since Hitler sent troops into the Rhineland) and subsequent half hearted confrontation with a dictatorship that revealed its evil intent without apology. Flying missions to Germany by Chamberlain only served to encourage the serpent to sharpen it teeth and seek bigger kills (Austria, Sudetenland, Czechoslovakia, and finally Poland). Yet again, and several generations forward from that sad exercise of the 1930s - a further sequel of futile missions, this time to the European Commission's habitat - have ended and exposed to the world wholescale ineptness of Britain's political class encased in their Westminster rituals and presumptions.

The old order changeth on May 23rd. Two once proud political Parties will find their world has indeed turned upside down.

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