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Talbot Road Travails

With strong sunshine and an interlude between the two May Bank Holidays that bookend this month - work is ongoing to correct problems with the road surface that was undertaken with installation of new track on Talbot Road.

It would appear that the quality of the surfacing material in places is suspect and consequently resurfacing is required. This is being undertaken by Contractors to meet the overall specifications of the Council (and other project Funders). Additional work on the tram crossing over the Promenade is in evidence - although no overhead wiring is in evidence at present.

This is no surprise given the extended delay to acquiring the Wilko property which is to be demolished to allow the tram terminus to be installed on the site (double track with scissors crossover). At present the trackwork ends up directly in front of the store entrance (see image). Just when the Wilko business will finally vacate its premises is a moot point and shrouded in mystery at the Council who are responsible for delivery of the tram extension to an operating standard. Understandably this is very frustrating to residents who continue to put up with frequent road and traffic diversions in what is a key part of the town centre, with no final resolution in sight. It is hard to know where buses now terminate from one day to the next on high frequency services running into the town centre.

Trackwork (rail cleaning) is being undertaken on the line from Bispham to Fleetwood with a specialist contractors vehicle parked at Bispham during daytime - emerging after 2100 to carry out its tasks. Bus service replacement from Bispham northwards then takes over after the last service tram has headed south to Starr Gate, until the first tram timetabled to Fleetwood in the morning. Tomorrow (17th) is the last day of this episode.

A neat line up of profiles at North Pier - neatly encapsulates May 2019 tram services.

North Pier loop contrasts this week.

Next Stop Wilko ! The end of the line on Talbot Road in 2019.

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