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Going Back In Time

For readers needing to go back in time to catch flavours of how Blackpool's buses and trams traversed the town in the 1950s and 60s - we plan to release two titles together in the autumn. 'Municipal Transport Heyday' published last year covering the 1950s - and now sold out, will be reprinted alongside the sequel 'Municipal Transport Rationalisation' which continues our coverage through the following decade.

Both titles include massive changes in both bus and tram services operated in those years by Blackpool Corporation Transport. Introduction of trailer trams alongside the closure of the street tramways in Blackpool and replacement by new buses being just one aspect of these fascinating times. The phasing out of centre entrance buses in favour of an open platform rear entrance fleet morphed into front entrance single deckers as management sought to reduce staffing costs and operating overhead.

Those with interest in these titles and the 'Municipal Transport' series covering Blackpool's enduring public transport will have opportunity to order both titles on publication through a special advance offer during the summer. Details to be provided in June/July. A reminder of how a proud progressive municipal undertaking presented itself to its public on Rigby Road.

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