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Let Glasgow Flourish

The city's coat of arms and motto adorned just about every Glasgow 'caur' with exception of the works fleet. It was particularly poignant visiting the city from Blackpool in the waning years of the trams sampling first hand the flavour of a truly great British system. This was particularly evident by the scuffed and scraped condition of most of the fleet which thundered through the centre. Multiple track crossings and junctions still permeated the main commercial area of the city, whilst services branched off to seemingly distant destinations.

As an industrial centre the backdrop to photos taken at the time were usually soot begrimed structures alongside sett paved streets very neatly maintained it must be said. The system had several depots to attract enthusiasts: Partick, Dalmarnock, Maryhill and Dennistoun being the survivors when I made my first excursion north. The daddy of them all was of course Coplawhill Works with its cavernous halls and overhead cranes. Some repairs were still being carried out but the Paint Shop was reduced to brush and touch up on replaced panels.

Having Service Numbers made it easier to grasp the diversity of the remaining tram routes, whilst trolleybuses intruded on certain areas to add to the fascinating mix that was Glasgow Corporation Transport. For visitors from Blackpool it was a massive contrast to the normally well kept trams which held down both the seafront line as well as a trio of street running services in the town.

Below : neatly laid sett paved roads were a hallmark of Glasgow in the early Sixties. Plus always a tram (sorry Coronation Mk2) in sight on Argyle Street.

Below : A shortworking on Service 29 heading back to Maryhill caught from the top deck of the following 'caur'.

Venerable Standards still abounded with two examples on short workings in the city centre. They carried their age well.

Coplawhill staff were busy here dismantling trams built in the same premises. Acetylene torches at the ready.

Trolleybus 60 on a tram replacement service.

All images John Woodman

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