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Sunday - Work in Progress

With a deadline for completion by Tuesday work on completing the track junction connections from the Promenade into Talbot Square is underway over this weekend and into Tuesday. Much of the diverging tram track from Talbot Square onto the Promenade is already complete, although some individual rail sections remain to be installed. But the priority is to free up the southbound line to allow passage of cars from Tuesday next week. In the interim a single track service from North Pier as far as

the Cabin allows a twenty minute headway in either direction. A great pity no short workings are permissible inbetween these two points - but omission of crossovers along the entire route except at principal points limits temporary short workings of the kind once familiar pre-light rail upgrade.

Below : A 'Customer Information' notice on display referencing the trackwork at North Pier currently underway.

Ironically as new street track is in the process of being laid in the town centre, Blackpool's historic street tramway along Princess Street leading to the former depot on Blundell Street is fast disappearing. Redevelopment of a new housing scheme 'Foxhall Village' means the complete eradication of Blundell Street in a new road alignment. In the interim, remnants of the once important Blundell Street tramway link continue to be evident, but not for much longer. Princess Street also has its straight connecting line in place and possibly there is hope that a small segment can be retained as a historical feature - but don't hold your breath. Below : Hard to believe but this is Blundell Street looking south with new housing replacing the once familiar red brick Tram Depot. The single line track can just be discerned curving from Princess Street. The points and line leading into the depot entrance on the site of the new white fronted housing have long gone.

Below : Princess Street looking towards the Promenade with the single depot access track partially in place :

And finally the scene on Princess Street looking east from the Foxhall PH. The depot access line very much a visible relic along with tram overhead poles. All Images taken today by John Woodman

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