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November 11th, 1918 - 2018

Centenary of the end of the Great War later known as the First World War is being marked with ceremonies across the globe. A gathering of Government Leaders in Paris is a focal point for Heads of State to mark the end of the bloodletting which began with an assassination in Sarajevo during the summer of 1914.

Blackpool's beaches and promenade were crowded on a hot August weekend during which Britain declared war on Germany and began to implement long planned movement of troops and naval vessels to prearranged locations.

The enormity and scale of human loss and physical devastation which then transfixed men and women of all ages across Europe is hard to comprehend; even with the depth of research and coverage now being presented in vivid images and narratives.

The Fylde coast gave up its men to their duty with a consequent loss marked and measured by the war memorials and grave stones reminding generations of the sacrifice made. Foremost of course is the Cenotaph erected on the seafront and paid for from the town's assignment of Blundell Street Tram Depot for manufacture of shell casings from 1915 - and consequent War Office compensation to the Corporation.

Each community in the Fylde has its own tended memorials now centrepoint of respect and gratitude to those who have their lives in the service of this country. It is especially poignant to read the special tribute appearing on Blackpool Transport's destination screens visible today - along with the large red poppy fitted on the vehicle.

Blackpool Transport Services Ltd. Tribute to the Fallen - November 11, 2018

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