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That Book - and more

The new title 'Broadway to Blackpool' by Rigby Road Publishing is now with the printer and we are expecting copies next week.

Preliminary work is now underway for the Blackpool bus book.

Talbot Road continues to reveal its secrets as contractors uplift levels of surface roadway that has long covered the first generation tramline serving Layton. Contractors are busy at both ends of the extension with Talbot Square traffic flow being reconfigured to allow the track connection on to the Promenade; while the focus on completing the tramway up to the Wilko entrance is advancing quickly. Some images taken today of the activity.

Above : the approach into Talbot Square from Talbot Road with new track just laid. The Yates Wine Lodge site is behind the blue fencing where groundwork is ongoing for a new hotel. Below : excavation underway on the eastern section of the Talbot Road tramway with rubble piling up and former Layton tramway double track in evidence.

Below : discarded section of Layton's tramline clutter the side of the work site before being removed for scrap. The concrete pumping hose is providing liquid material for embedding manually on the new base which will serve track installation to follow.

Above : Out with the old and in with the new. 2018 track laying on Talbot Road above a mesh of reinforcing metal grid.

The new pedestrian ramp leading down to Blackpool North entrance from Talbot Road is nearly complete which in turn will allow closure of the damp and depressing pedestrian underpass ahead of demolition work on the Wilko site. Road traffic is being rerouted around the rear of the Wilko island site which is making driving into Blackpool a tedious exercise in both directions. Below : the angled stairs leading to Talbot Road together with adjoining ramp. Council Offices (Bickerstaffe House and the former Talbot Road Bus Station car park in the background). All Images : John Woodman October 8th.

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