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PInk Trams and More Concrete

What Birmingham can do with pink trams then Blackpool can do the same. A 'pretty little thing' seen at Fleetwood Ferry terminus this week.

A noteworthy feature of this wraparound sponsor design is the window glazing free of distracting vinyl. Other sponsors take note.

In Blackpool work is continuing on laying the concrete platform base for the new tram rail extension. Preformed curved rail is already stored onsite next to Blackpool North Platform 1 tracks ready for installation. Presumably this will first be used for the Promenade connections (all four) leading into Talbot Square from both north and southbound tracks. Lower Image : view of the latest section of concrete base completed on Talbot Road this week. The blue hoarding conceals the site of former Yates Wine Lodge which is now also undergoing contractor's preparatory work ahead of construction of a new hotel to fit into this important central location facing Talbot Square (and the sea).

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