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Talbot Road Tramway Progress

Intensive work continues on Talbot Road to complete the straight track section leading from Talbot Square up to Dickson Road. Tracks have been embedded across the Abingdon Street junction (Above) with smooth new road surfacing in place which gives a strange flavour to this part of town. Of course overhead poles and wires have yet to appear but seeing tramrail in a town centre street is an entirely new experience.

Across from the Whittle Springs pub still a classic venue in Blackpool where Layton trams once passed by on their one and a quarter mile shuttle service from Talbot Square - new track is being carefully installed.

And now across Abingdon Street junction the next section of track towards Dickson Road is now in place with a further short stretch up to the intended curve on to the site of the Wilko store (still standing). Here a double stub track with crossovers will be inserted for the terminus of the extension. New access ramps and infrastructure work has started on the station precinct ahead of the demolition of Wilko property this winter. All Images today by John Woodman

PS : More remnants of cut up tram track sections removed from Talbot Square (does it ever end?) This time of the former Layton line at this point.

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