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Removal of a Blight at Warbreck

Finally Contractors appeared this week on Warbreck Hill Road to demolish the abhorrent excuse for a bus shelter which has featured far too many times on this blog. In its place appeared the framework today of the Council's current shelter styling. There seem to be several design variants of bus shelters with no rhyme nor reason as to why which type appears at a particular stop.

However the removal of the particularly disgraceful contrivance at the top of Warbreck Hill Road after what has to be decades of squalor is certainly progress of a sort. Given that it only took workmen a couple of hours to cut up the remains and take them to a Council tip it is surprising it has taken this long for an executive decision to take action.

Below : Lo and Behold. The replacement bus shelter appears today.

Contractors may have done work in Manchester given the cone bearing the former GMPTE logo on it tastefully positioned at one corner of the work in progress. Below : This is how its done in Southport. Tastefully designed with ample seating clean panels clean and up to date service timetable and real time information screen together with Operator bus stop signage. All of this being delivered and maintained by the primary transport operating company throughout the Merseyside region - and not an advertising panel in sight. Blackpool Council please note.

Our next target locally is the horrendous excuse for a bus shelter on Bispham Road at the 'quirrel'. Watch this space.

PS - thank you to Blackpool residents for timely notification of this singular action in North Shore.

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