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Broadway to Blackpool - Available !

The new title from Rigby Road Publishing is going to the printers next week with copies scheduled to become available shortly thereafter. This 120 Page addition to the story of Blackpool's tramway chapters starts in the United States and ends on the Promenade. Hence the title. Its focus is on the exclusive family of centre entrance double deck trams which had origins with the launch of the 'Broadway Battleship' in New York prior to the Great War - and consequent adaptations in design and locale through following decades. The new book will retail at £27.00 plus postage.

Naturally the book covers the later rebuilding of the twenty seven examples delivered to Blackpool up to the light rail upgrade; including images of the reconstruction of both 761 and 706 in the Body Shop at Rigby Road Works.

The following title due in 2019 will be the delayed book on Blackpool's buses through the years from 1921 to the present time. The latest vehicle deliveries and intended developments of Blackpool Transport involving its bus fleet will be authoritatively covered. This includes changes to the role and infrastructure of the Company's operating hub on Rigby Road, among other initiatives.

A special project covering the remarkable changes brought about by Walter Luff on Blackpool's transport system during his time as General Manager from 1933 to 1954 - is a further title being drafted for 2019/20 publication by Rigby Road Publishing. Personal photos and images, especially of Walter Luff's days at West Riding Tramways up to 1933 are sought. Offers of assistance are welcome in this endeavour with emails and contact through our online site.

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