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Steam Power

The Age of Steam lives on and never fails to attract the crowds wherever a locomotive overwhelms the senses with the auro of hot coal, steam, hot oil and more steam complete with the thundering sounds of moving pistons and steel wheels on rail. A visit to Pickering and the home of the North Yorkshire Moors Railway brought all of the above alive in a fulsome delivery last week.

Crowds congregated on platforms, young and old to await the next arrival from Whiby on its scenic filled trip to Pickering. They were not to be disappointed with the sounds, smells and sight of a mainline engine pulling a long train of once familiar carriages in maroon and cream of British Railways - all corridor stock filled with passengers.

Pickering Station - a classic structure filled with travellers and the glory of mainline steam - in this case LNER class locomotive.

Further along the line an equally nostalgic scene along the North Yorkshire Moors line with gantrys, station buildings, signal box, original style level crossing gates with lamps and of course a steam passenger train departing from a busy station.

Returning from Pickering an LMS class loco in period livery hauling LNER teak painted coaches for the journey back to Whitby. Steam authenticates the atmosphere.

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