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Cleveleys Draws Crowds on Sunday 10th

The sun shone throughout Sunday for yet a further Cleveleys Auto Show on the seafront and in the town's shopping district. This drew record crowds to ogle and photograph the enormous displays of cars of all ages and types together with the proud owners monitoring their charges. Below : Icecream and exotic autos......

In what has become an important summer festival for Cleveleys - the impressive promenade frontage now provides the setting for automobiles polished to a high shine. Organisers have dextrously assigned individual areas to themed specialist displays ranging from 'muscle cars' to 1970s family cars. Of course the classic vintages from the 1930s onwards together with American imports got the most attention.

Selfies being taken right left and centre throughout the day made this event a memorable one for tens of thousands of visitors arriving in the town to enjoy the seaside and an eclectic display of colour on wheels (rubber ones this time). Such a big success has the Cleveleys event become that Blackpool's local societies are organising their own version on the promenade in July.

A Morris 8 from Cowley, Oxford - the owner's legs also in this view ! Below : A Mercedes of enormous proportions gets a lot of admiring attention. Something about those pre-war German cars.

Gleaming in the sunlight - a classic Sunbeam (literally in this case) with distinctive muted colourtone. Not sure about the rear parking though.....

The bulk of a 1970s American Buick and pavement parking (sorry sidewalk parking).....

A 1960s classic American two tone collector's item. Didn't Dinky make a model of this particular design?

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