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Princess Street Memory

Whilst Princess Street (and Blundell Street) are now bereft of trams for ever more with tracks truncated and redevelopment of this part of the Foxhall area well underway - a brief moment to look back at scenes which captivated enthusiasts not so long ago.

Motor Unit traverses Rigby Road en route to Princess Street. Enthusiasts cluster to record the scene and fill the tram. No prizes for the promotional contribution.

Balloon 700 in its green heritage condition peeks out from Princess Street on the curve into Blundell Street. Below : 147 looking far different almost at the end of the line on Princess Street (although the track connection on to the Promenade was very much still a working link). Harbinger of things to come on the yellow warning sign. Note the full passenger count.

Coronation Car 304 in its PCC glory takes its turn to very carefully negotiate the Blundell Street curved track into Princess Street. Note the yellow watchers in attendance. An LTT achievement which lingers on fortunately. Thank you Philip.

Below : An amazing scene with 304 motoring silently along Blundell Street with another full load of enthused passengers. Of course the landscape has changed beyond recognition in 2018 with ongoing housing development taking over this part of the town. This is 2005 and it all makes today's shuttles along the promenade look very tame by comparison.

All Images : John Woodman

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