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Fort Collins, Colorado

A small town in the US State of Colorado was famous for its all Birney streetcar fleet which traversed four sections with the individual cars meeting up together in the centre

and passengers transferring, as necessary, to the car heading to their final destination.

Operating up to 1951 many of the cars were acquired by various museums with one being retained by the municipality as a 'momento' along with its depot used for the replacement buses. Over the years both car 21 and its depot structure were returned to their earlier 'glory' and a resplendent cream and green livery of the trolley system before final and more simpler schemes were adopted.

A section of one of the lines was reopened (shades of Bendigo and Ballarat in Australia) to allow the local preserved Birney car (21) to run as a live example of how things used to be in this part of the State. My daughter and son in law were in Fort Collins this week and although the museum itself does not open until Memorial Day Weekend - a bike ride around the area brought them literally into contact with Number 21 on a special tour for local children. Hence these great images. One Museum, one working tram and one pristine tramway. Images Jessica and Steve Meyer-Rassow.

Fort Collins Municipal Railway Birney Car 21 May 24,2018 Copyright Steve Myer-Rassow

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