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PS : Rio to the Rockies May 17 Blog

A correction is necessary to the above Blog.

The trolleycar in question is not from Rio or any other foreign part. Nor is it vintage.

It was acquired new from the US retro streetcar builder GOMACO and is a replica 15 bench open car specifically built in 1977 for the 'Platte Valley Trolley' with an on-board diesel motor generator. Hence the smart roof extruding exhaust pipe in the view of the car which is parked on track of the then extant Denver and Intermountain line.

After further due diligence it is recorded that a total of fourteen Rio de Janiero open cross bench cars were acquired as a bulk order on closure of that system. Coordinated by a trolleycar fan on behalf of several US museums, the cars were then distributed among the purchasing cooperative members. Some examples have moved locations in the US since their original point of arrive and I hope to provide a complete breakdown in due course as of the current year.

The only UK tram disposals of a similar nature came about naturally enough when Blackpool Transport decided to dispose of the bulk (or so it seemed at the time) of its then operating fleet in 2010. Offers were solicited from interested organisations and private individuals by BTS management and having participated in firsthand exchanges with the director in charge, the story of that saga remains to be fully told - probably another title for Rigby Road Publishing. The residue of that exodus of course remains very much in evidence at Rigby Road with the depot's future up in the air. Yet another tale to be told. Below : By way of compensation an interesting closeup side view of one of the former Rio cars now operating at the Orbisonia, museum in central Pennsylvania where narrow gauge steam railroad operates intermingling with standard gauge electric traction as in this seemingly head on view... No collision ensued as the train reversed from its seemingly head on charge to its electric rival. (I rode on both railed operations and commend this museum to UK visitors despite its out of the way location). Image : John Woodman

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