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What Goes Around Comes Around

With thanks to contributor David Gore whose roving eye captured some familiar objects in the middle of Talbot Road today. Yes, its the tramtrack of the former Layton service exposed on Talbot Road as contractors begin to prepare the roadbed and foundations for the second generation tram service along this throughfare in Blackpool town centre.

The location is approaching Talbot Road junction with Abingdon Street (where there was originally a single track curving connection) Abingdon Street can be seen top left in the upper image and we are looking eastward. One exposed rail of the eastbound track can just be seen far left on the image. Both Images : David Gore

These tracks are on the westbound (east) side of Talbot Road awaiting removal after being exposed this week. The parallel eastbound track has already been removed. Both Images courtesy David Gore. PS before any reader emails about the shop on the other side of the road it has absolutely nothing to do with the writer, FHLT or Rigby Road Publishing (at least not for now!)

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