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Back to Warbreck Hill Road

Reports of improvements to the scandalous bus shelter serving residents on Warbreck Hill Road for journeys to the town centre are seemingly misplaced. The same woebegone framework structure showing its age together with broken perspex panel and further attention from local spray paint merchants still stands to remind the world of the indifference shown to residents of this Ward.

A cleaning crew was noted giving the shelter a scrub down over the past week - with only slight improvement to the structure. A total makeover and replacement with a more fit for purpose shelter at this exposed point which suffers from the blast of westerly gusts coming directly off the coast.

Blackpool Transport's 'Solo' buses continue to provide service on the local routes that traverse this residential area en route to either Bispham and Cleveleys or into town. These now iconic? vehicles will soon find well earned retirement to be replaced by later models due to enter service this summer. A further chapter in Blackpool's transport history will close with a new era impelled by forward thinking (and planning) management at Rigby Road. Just a pity about that shelter.....

Not quite the worst bus shelter in town but a close winner - now awaiting a demolition crew to put it out of its misery..... Below : one of the long familiar Optare 'Solo' buses of Blackpool Transport which have well served local routes for over a decade and now due for retirement.

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