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Thanks for all the laughter Sir Ken

News of the passing of Sir Ken Dodd of Knotty Ash in the County of Merseyside was the lead in this morning's news. For Blackpool as for all the country a sense of great loss in our lives - at least for those with memories stretching back decades.

Ken Dodd was the star of many Blackpool seasons at the height of his fame which has gone on and on and on - giving viewers and audiences at his many shows a wonderfully tickling experience abounding with laughter.

The author caught this summer season memory of Ken Dodd starring at the Blackpool Opera House even while trams rumbled past - in this case equally memorable 208.

Thank Ken. Knotty Ash will never be the same with expected closure of the jam butty mines and staff reductions of the diddymen.... A farewell from Marton's trams and your favourite Blackpool stage. Image : John Woodman

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