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Vienna Interlude

Vienna is one of the world's great tram systems with a fabulously well maintained modernising fleet that symbolises Austria's capital through its ever present red and white colours. Just as Zurich is forever associated with its light blue and white trams - so Vienna has kept faith with a conservative livery of red and off white. Below : an example of a standard trailer - a rare feature these days with immaculate paint job and the system logo next to the fleet number 1432.

By way of contrast is an ultra low floor car with six or seven sections? interspersed with obtrusive promotional panels ill-suited to the overall design. Number 782 is also on Line 1 (see the Graz blog) in this photo taken by Peter Watts in December. Specifically designed for Vienna, rather like London's 'Borismaster' bus no other operator has taken up this model for their own use.

Below : by way of contrast is this eight axle high floor unit on the Baden interurban line which runs into the centre of Vienna from the outlying upmarket community of Baden, famous for its casinos and leisure pursuits. A new low floor unit follows close behind.

All images courtesy Peter Watts

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