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Graz Interlude

I visited the city of Graz quite some years back now and was very impressed with the green and cream trams which dominated the city's transport network. An extended line on reserved track ran out to a historic church (with many steps to climb) but this was balanced by the area tram museum with quite a number of preserved cars from different systems on view.

Much has changed over the past years with inevitable low floor cars ousting the almost standard Duwag type articulated cars (Austrian manufacture). Graz was one of the last European cities to operate two axle double ended cars with a number inevitably ending up in museums, including two I believe in the UK. One of these provides a comfortable home for the team working on restoration of Brighton car 53. Below : Numbers 270 and sister car 271 provided my transport out on Service 1 with the tram museum showing off at least one relic at the terminus loop in the background.

By way of contrast a later if not final version of the 'Duwag' design last December. Note the quality of the intricate street track junction and lack of any overhead gantry poles. The former Graz system logo in the top images has been replaced by a stylised 'G R A Z' added to the fender in an unusual touch. But the cream with green vee livery remains no doubt in tribute to Blackpool Corporation Transport.... Image by Peter Watts on his December visit last year - also below.

One of the new era in Graz trams - again with the stylised lettering on the front and new fleet numbering for 231. This is of course an all over advertising livery - again Peter was busy with his camera. The hanging inverted Christmas trees are an unusual feature especially with overhead power wires interlinked - not something Blackpool will entertain on Talbot Road !

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