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China Visitor to Wyre Dock

The Representative from the China-Britain Business Council joins Frank Heald for an almost obligatory photocall at Wyre Dock and FHLT trams during a visit last week.

The Fleetwood Quays scheme is now subject to growing attention from public and private sector organisations and companies. Engagement with interests covering a wide spectrum is ongoing by Wyre Dock Development Ltd. in conjunction with Associated British Ports. This widening level of exchange with China brought a representative from the China-Britain Business Council to Fleetwood on 9 February.

The fact finding visit organised with WDDL included discussions with Fleetwood Town Council's 'Back on Track' team and Wyre Council Member Lorraine Beavers; Rossall School, NPL management responsible for the developing Hillhouses Estate and Enterprise Zone, as well as Associated British Ports and Eric Wright Group.

The Botanic Gardens of China visitor attraction together with the proposed major exhibition of the 'Terra Cotta Army' and 'Silk Road' has especial relevance for a new visitor landmark on the Fylde coast. Implications for Fleetwood's role as a leisure destination when combined with growing investment by the energy technology sector, both onshore and offshore, are all positive.

An expanded showcase of the town's fame as a fishing port and its vital trawler fleet in the past century will be highlighted in partnership with the Fleetwood Museum Trust and Jacinta Trust; among other supportive companies now in discussions with Wyre Dock Development. The FHLT trams will naturally play a starring role within the development in a hands on display and combined tourist ride.

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