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Talbot Road Reveals Its Memories

Directly opposite the former Railway Inn emerges further evidence of the original tramway which once carried passengers up Talbot Road from 1902 until its demise in 1936. Utilities realignment is now well underway ahead of total reconstruction of Talbot Road as far as the planned tram terminus on the site of Wilko's store in 2019.

The Layton tram service operated from Talbot Square to Layton Cemetery gates and on completion over a hundred years ago opened up a whole new district of the town - in fact the roadway along which the tramway was constructed was called 'New Road' from the point where Talbot Road reached Talbot Mews. The newly exposed tram track section is close to what was originally a junction which allowed trams to turn on to Abingdon Street from Talbot Road. Given the amount of work which will be needed to create a new trackbed for light rail operation it is almost certain to reveal any remaining remnants of this particular track connection (if it still exists).

For those with overwhelming interest in such matters the next weeks and months are likely to provide historical artifacts uncovered from under Talbot Road. Tram rail has already been exposed on the promenade from the connecting track which once linked the Layton tram terminus in Talbot Square with the southbound promenade tracks. The installation of new street tramtrack even along what is a short stretch in the town centre far surpasses the previous upgrade work carried out along the promenade almost ten years previously. At least three earlier street track junctions will be exposed by contractors no doubt with more than enough on their plate as they progress from Talbot Square eastwards along Talbot Road to the busy Dickson Road junction. Only one track (both rails) can be seen in the images taken today (above) - and are assumed to be the westbound track towards Talbot Square for Layton trams. Intrepid photographers are expected to doggedly record further revelations as they appear.

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