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Personal 'snaps' with Marton trams

A new edition of the popular book 'Tribute to Marton Trams' is in the course of preparation for publication later this year. Of particular interest to the Author is inclusion of personal photos taken during the route's operation. More often than not relatives of drivers and conductors (and depot staff) would take souvenir 'snaps' for family albums in those pre computer days. Last Day of the tram service in October 1962 which marked the last day of the 'Lights' and beginning of winter season tram and bus schedules drew a lot of final rides by Blackpool residents, with a flurry of flash images at the depot on Whitegate Drive as the final trams arrived at the depot. The closure of the Marton tram service and replacement by Service 26 buses from outside the Town Hall was also notable for the many special tours which took place during the weekend and throughout the preceding month.

We welcome inclusion of family souvenir photos in a special section of the new edition of the Marton tram book reserved for reflections and images taken by Colin MacLeod who had the good fortune of living alongside the tramway (but not on it) during his more youthful days. Online details can be forwarded via Tramtalk contact, or directly to Colin. A 'snap' of Standard Car 48 with driver and blurry figures on a miserable final weekend of the Marton tram service with Lytham Road in the background. Photographer unknown. Number 48 was forever famous for being the very last tram to reach Royal Oak terminus performing the final duty run from the tram depot and back - itself a story worth telling...

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