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Another Bridge - More Tram Track

Ghosts from former times continue to emerge into the daylight whenever excavations take place in Blackpool's main highways. In this case it is strengthening bridge work ongoing at Squires Gate with reinforcement of the roadway over the south Fylde railway line running between Kirkham and Blackpool South Station off Waterloo Road.

Contractors scraping off the top layers of successive tarmac managed to reveal one rail from the former tramway which connected the Lytham St Annes tramway with its depot as well as the Blackpool Corporation tramway which was connected at Lytham Road.

Some evocative views of this lost tram service last used in 1961 by Blackpool's Circular Tour cars as well as special enthusiast trams which always managed to traverse the line between Starr Gate and Lytham Road.

Still in remarkable good shape and uncovered some fifty five years later - this is the outer rail on the wesbound tram track running up to the bridge itself.

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