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Never Mind the Shelters - What About the Buses? PS

Given that work has started on the next Rigby Road title - this time dealing with a sequencing of bus types through the years operated by Blackpool's tramway/transport system from 1921 to the present day - a few scenes taken at random today of the current fleet is timely. Below a sure fire way of dating images is through the advertising - especially of new movies being launched and in this case the reputedly Oscar nomination acting of Gary Oldman as Churchill in the new release out today : 'Darkest Hour'. Steamed up windows on this 'veteran' still holding down the trunk route 7 - but not for much longer as it will soon be 'Palladiumised' with ADL models.

Optare 'Solos' still are an omnipresent feature on light loading services around Blackpool and neighbouring communities. Nimble and low height access they are particularly welcome for both drivers and passengers. Here is a broadside view of one example in Bispham Village today. Below : One Trident stands out in the crowd - 332 is singularly notable for its turnout in former Corporation Transport green and cream - and decidedly attractive in its own right. Hopefully it will become on the Company's preserved representative bus types in due course, in the meantime it offers a unique change from BTS branding former and present.

Another rarity is this full height rear vinyl on ADL 40? captured again at Bispham Village this afternoon on the 9 Service to town - a route the 9 has faithfully followed since the late 1920s with understandably some variants between Cleveleys and Blackpool.

PS James Murgatroyd has advised the bus in question is 401 - thanks James.

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