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A Walk on the Wild Side - More Blackpool Bus Shelter Horrors

Pity the poor students attending Blackpool & The Fylde College at the main Bispham campus having to wait to catch a bus home. Directly opposite the College's main entrance is a ravaged excuse for a bus shelter providing little or no protection from wind, rain or sleet during winter's harsh weather. Courtesy of Blackpool Council this is what our future graduates and skilled learners have to contend with on a daily basis in plain view of the College's headquarters and Principal offices - directly in the background. Note the missing timetable information and rudimentary metal bar pretending to be seating. Perhaps the College could take responsibility for providing and funding a fit for purpose bus shelter at these principal stops serving the Bispham campus with its thousands of students. Quite evidently Blackpool Council are not up to the job being far too busy transforming Blackpool's town centre in 2019.

Just around the corner at Kincraig Place another spartan shelter devoid entirely of any glazing or weather protection within a residential district. Will the Ward Council Members please step forward to explain how this state of affairs is acceptable

All images John Woodman - 2 January 2018

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