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A Walk on the Wild Side - Blackpool Council's Contribution to

Whilst Council-owned Blackpool Transport Services Ltd. goes to extra lengths to promote exemplary bus design and services to the Fylde coast community - the absolutely deplorable state of Blackpool's bus shelters within the Unitary Authority deserve recognition as probably the worst in Britain of any public body. Just a few examples to mark the year - with outstanding evidence in Bispham to begin this bus shelter hall of infamy. Lets start with the 'Quirrel' Bus Stop on Bispham Road. All glazing panels missing with exception of the end advertising section which seems to get attention from the contractors. This is sited in the Greenlands Ward - Blackpool Council Members please stand up and identify yourselves.

Note the missing bus timetable affixed to the stop itself - guesswork needed for the uninformed, A Bispham taxi firm has smartly taken up the advertising space facing inside the shelter and no doubt any disgruntled waiting travellers.

Now moving further north along Bispham Road let's visit Moorpark Swimming Pool and Healthcare Centre Bus Stop (southbound). Also Service 9 for residents heading home from a visit to the several NHS GP practises located here.

Missing glazing on three sides and a section of the roof panelling removed after damage over several months. A broken electrical connection box (for the now disappeared advertising end panel - long gone) together with close up of Blackpool's seating provision for waiting passengers - mostly copied from a soviet era system I believe. Note the similar lack of timetable for what is an important stop in Bispham.

Broken plastic segments litter the pavement in proximity to add that festive touch.

Images taken on 31 December 2017 and January 1, 2018 - John Woodman

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