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Talbot Square - Former Greatness

A long time ago Talbot Square was the hub of Blackpool's tram services (there were no Corporation buses before 1922). Two inland routes to Layton and Marton terminated by the elegant Victorian fountain which by 1920 had been completely surrounded by a glazed circular shelter and information point complete with clock tower.

To the left of the shelter stands Marton 'Box' 33 with added top deck short cover just unloading from its short journey from outside Layton Cemetery gates. On the other side of the shelter is Motherwell car 40 also with added top deck cover awaiting its return journey to 'Marton' which probably will actually see the tram appear less than a half mile away at the Hounds Hill terminus opposite Central Station. Coming down Clifton Street is Blackpool's newest double deck tram delivered in 1911 - 64 with an elegant top deck balcony cover design that would be copied by Blackpool's Tramway Workshop as 'standard' for the replacement class of 'Standard' cars built in the 1920s.

In the foreground through a part of the ornate structure of North Pier facade we can see two pre-war open toastracks on Promenade duties shuttling from North Pier to the Pleasure Beach Casino terminus - at that time a four track dead end. Just passing by with passengers climbing the stairs to the top deck is one of Blackpool's famous 'Dreadnoughts'. Well dressed pedestrians complement this fascinating glimpse back in time which also captures the original spire on top of Blackpool Town Hall, as well as Yates Wine Lodge building sadly destroyed in an arson attack a decade back leaving a large empty site fronting on to Blackpool's former civic centre.

Image : Commercial View - John Woodman Archive

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