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PS Squires Gate Lane Bridge

Further to my blog earlier today a chance encounter? at Squires Gate Lane allowed a firsthand look at the large hold where the bridge roadway used to be. Protruding from the southwest edge of the road surface was the clearly visible tram rail for the west bound track leading down to Starr Gate Junction. No similar signs of the east bound track which suggests this may have already been removed given that it is actually in Blackpool Council's territory, whereas the southern half of the roadway lies in Fylde Borough. A couple of cut off tram rail sections lay in proximity to the pedestrian pathway - but not immediately distinguishable as such.

Some images from the morning's fly by with evidence that once upon a time tram tracks were part of the street scene :

Signage marking the spot.....

Below : new abutments and bridge underpinnings in the process of being installed whilst above in front of the Story vehicle tram track rail is extruding from the roadway on the westbound side. No evidence of similar rail embedded for eastbound trams. Images : John Woodman, December 5, 2017

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