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Municipal Transport Heyday etc.

Apparently a lot more transport enthusiasts want to read about Blackpool's transport scene through the 1950s, with new orders for this title being received daily on the run up to Christmas. We are pleased to announce that this latest book from Rigby Road Publishing is available from next week with early copies being sent to subscribers on a post free basis for paid orders up until November 15th.

Thereafter a postage and packing charge will be incurred on orders received after the 15th. In today's economic times privately published specialist books require close monitoring of production costs. Therefore the print run on our titles has to be tightly constrained; given that our books are not available through other trade outlets, including let it be said 'Amazon'.

Our online shop on this site together with select Blackpool retail outlets are the principal source for securing Rigby Road Publishing titles - all of which have to be limited editions given the specialist nature of the subject.

One now rare title covered the early years of Blackpool's bus operations from 1921. It sold out very quickly. The 2018 book on Blackpool municipal buses through the years from 1921 up to the latest deliveries ongoing - will add an extended dimension to this earlier coverage. No date for publication has been set at this point. but likely to be July.

The 2018 Souvenir Tram Calendar is selling well and a special version is planned to coincide with the briefing this month at Rossall School on the plans for regenerating Wyre Dock. This obviously features the FHLT's trams and an exciting future in Fleetwood. Some copies of the Special Calendar will become available in due course for wider interest. With the increasing number of enthusiasts now accessing 'Tramtalk' as a regular source for comment and news on Blackpool's unique transport operation (thankfully still under public ownership) - a much wider audience is giving attention to my online blog.

The next three years will see even greater changes on the Fylde coast, including of course the electrification of the railway link from Preston. There are further pending developments which will impact greatly on this long established transport undertaking with consequent coverage, and of course comment, being provided in 'real time' through this medium. In parallel, a record of Blackpool's trams and buses through previous decades and era is being extended (gradually) in print by Rigby Road Publishing titles, with a further two books in early preparation for 2018 and further projects beyond. So please keep 'tramtalk' on your radar - or whatever the topical term and buzz is these days. Thank you for giving these efforts your attention.

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