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Portents of Change

The assembling of materials and road signs at Talbot Square together with removal of a pedestrian crossing refuge on Talbot Road are harbingers of pending work to be implemented as soon as this year's Illuminations are dimmed. Extensive traffic diversions will begin to allow contractors to proceed with critical road reconstruction and track laying.

Below : Talbot Square - initial signs of pending road work - stored materials.

Above : Talbot Road at Abingdon Street junction - pedestrian safety refuge now removed and replaced with large plastic 'lego' pieces. More to follow soon.

Newly installed neat kiosk outside Blackpool's railway station - room for one only !

At North Railway Station preparations are advancing for handling the rail replacement bus services required to fulfill the duty of trains between Blackpool and Preston - at least for an interim period to March next year. Blackpool Transport will be providing a pivotal role in this very important task using its new tranche of buses fresh from the Falkirk factory of Alexander Dennis Ltd. While at Blackpool South a less onerous but no less important rail replacement service is required to fulfill the role of trains operating the South Fylde line to Kirkham and Wesham and then on to Preston.

Rail electrification work is picking up 'steam' with overhead gantrys now advancing steadily along the trackside as far as Layton Station. Blackpool North's platforms and track approach are the subject of major realignment and straightening to permit the operation of overhead electric rolling stock and longer trains. These are expected to include direct train services to London by one of the bidding franchise operators for this important renewed link from Blackpool. Sadly the station terminal building is likely to remain more or less in its frozen in time 1930s state - a far cry from the much lauded proposals of 'Talbot Gateway' transport interchange facility now a dim and distant promise by the Council. However given the economic times and straightjacket finances imposed by central Government - this turn of a proverbial screw is no surprise. A bit of external upgrade on the structure and frontage might however have been in the overall scheme now being worked on by Network Rail and 'The Great North Rail Project'.

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