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Another New Bus ? PS Monday update

The seafront bus service from Starr Gate to Fleetwood (1) was enlivened this weekend by the entry into service of a further demonstrator from the Falkirk factory of Alexander Dennis. Decked? out in a rendering of Scotland's 'saltire' colours albeit muted it made a definite difference amid the greys and yellows of Blackpool Transport's fleet. Whether this model has significant differences from the current deliveries from Falkirk or portends an improved version yet to be ordered, is not known.

But for the avid bus enthusiast here are a couple of views as the demonstrator inched its way along traffic at the Foxhall on Saturday complete with Blackpool Transport Services lettering on a lower deck window.

A slow moving trio of BTS (Demonstrator), Stagecoach and Catch22Bus edging their way towards the town centre along the Promenade near to the Foxhall. And for a nice contrast one of BTS standard types from an era soon drawing to a close - passing the Wilko store building - also soon to be razed to the ground to make way for a tram terminus in 2018. Who would have thought trams could return to Talbot Road some eighty odd years after the replacement of the Layton service in 1936

PS : I am reliably informed from a keen observer of transport along the promenade that in fact this Demonstrator has already been on test in Blackpool earlier this year. On a trip to Fleetwood today I managed to capture it again on the Promenade 1 service heading across the tramway at Cleveleys - making a contrast with the busy flow of buses of all shapes and sizes which appear at peak school hours in this part of the Fylde coast : Prestonbus, Catch22bus, Archway Travel and BTS services.

The old order changeth - ADL pursues a soon to be retired BTS Trident type across the tramway at Cleveleys Station.

Contrasts with the BTS version left and the ADL Demonstrator passing a northbound tram (in yet another fleet livery)....

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