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Back to the Fifties

Having now finished the final pages of the new title - Municipal Transport Heyday the images of this vibrant decade in the resort's history were brought vividly to mind as I was witness to the delivery of brand new buses, the emergence of the prototype trailer set, the new brush sweeping through the Transport Department of Mr Franklin, plus a host of impressions of packed trains and coaches arriving in the summer season and a First Division Football Club.

For those readers of this blog who are waiting for news of the publication of this latest book - it will be going to the printers the last week of this month and hopefully initial copies available to subscribers promptly thereafter. The problem in covering even just a ten year period of Blackpool's trams and buses is that there is so much one can focus on - at a time when the bus fleet totalled over 160 vehicles and the trams around the same. It is very hard to give coverage to excruciating detail, so fascinating for enthusiasts, but requiring volumes and mind blowing numbers that are best left to those with inclination to devote time and effort.

Municipal Transport Heyday follows the same format as 'War and Austerity' 120 Pages plus softbound covers in A4 Landscape. Priced at £26.00 with orders received online by November 15th - postage free.

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