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Remembering the Brush Cars - 3

We are delving into our archive this week to continue with memory lane images of the Brush car fleet in their postwar prime. The new Rigby Road Publishing title now online and available to pre-orders on the Shop page - naturally contains a host of further photos and information on these cars during the 1950s. Below : Brush cars in service on Dickson Road with two examples, one in the white front style adopted (on some) in the late 1950s whilst sister car retains its dual indicators and looks all the better for it...

End of the line outside North Station on a misty Sunday morning in autumn. Note the absence of any road traffic. This was before the terminal stub end track was changed and moved further back to opposite the Odeon Cinema (with an installed trolley reverser somewhat late in the day given that the tram service to North Station was replaced by buses three years later in 1963).

PS : a new service to North Station is scheduled however, this time running up Talbot Road to terminate actually on the original station site - wheels going full circle? This extension scheduled to open in 2019. Both Images : John Woodman

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