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Remembering the Brush Cars - 2

A summer season scene from 1960 with a Brush car unloading at the Station Road stop on Lytham Road. The curving tracks leading on to Station Road being clearly evident. A small group of 'holiday makers' head for the entrance whilst a Balloon car trundles sedately southbound with a handpainted advertisement for Norman Whiteley camera shop on its mid-deck panels. The tram retains all of its chrome exterior embellishments and is more or less as delivered to Blackpool in 1937 but showing due wear and tear. A postwar repaint has replaced the previous dour unvarnished wartime green version - and the chrome beading has been carefully left unpainted on the lower panels. From scrutiny it appears this is number 300 - a tram which survives and is presently in the care of the FHLT at Wyre Dock. A blog earlier this week featured it in its current state. Image : John Woodman

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