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Blackpool Transport Has An Author PS

One of the notable encounters over the holiday weekend occurred in Abingdon Street where rerouted bus services found temporary sanctuary from the traffic mess caused on the Promenade at the Tower Headland Festival event. Many services found themselves deviating? into the otherwise pedestrian precinct around St Johns Church and befuddled travellers wandered in between parked buses to find their journey home. Among the buses waiting for their next turn of duty was a Solo with its driver taking advantage of the lengthy pause before his next duty to give attention to his laptop. Below : A busy scene in Abingdon Street over the weekend holiday and Solo.

Not your normal break which usually involved a newspaper, a chat with colleagues, or catching up on a book. Intrigued by this rarity - perhaps Blackpool Transport were inviting staff to study for new exams or driving tests - but as it happens nothing of the kind. In fact the Driver was using time out to continue writing his next novel !

Having already Authored an initial fictional tale a new title was already a work in progress. The subject was not exactly one which Rigby Road Publishing is noted for, but we compared notes on Amazon and self publishing before the commencement of the next journey's departure. A pose for the camera to record the day and literary talent hidden amid Rigby Road's transport operations. Proud Driver/Author and Bus ! Abingdon Street Market frontage reflected in the destination aperture is not a new visual design by BTS marketing staff !

PS : GP Emery novel 'Burning' available on Amazon Kindle or in paperback. Not exactly transport themed ! given that it is an erotic thriller - just a bit above my paygrade...

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