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Friday in Blackpool - this and that

A chance encounter with a green Brush car on the promenade this morning brought me to the Pleasure Beach terminus where it rested before departing on its next journey northwards. Miserable blustery weather and grey skies did little to enlighten visitors' moods other than the pending Air Display this coming weekend.

A peak inside that Brush car 1980s refurb style.

At the Pleasure Beach the Trust's Centenary Car (641) has seen work started on removing the vinyl panel images for Blackpool Football Club, by now much dated after three years on display. A new 'look' is planned for the tram in conjunction with a group of social programmes supported by Blackpool Council - ahead of a major event next month. Looking a little 'ragged' after partial removal of vinyls from the front and side panels of 641 - more work to follow shortly before repainting begins creating a totally new look.

A notable bright spot on the promenade is the quite dramatic LED display panel which dominates the promenade facing corner of the Pleasure Beach Casino Building in all its 1930s art deco splendour. Promoting diverse visitor attractions at the Pleasure Beach plus Big Blue Hotel, the Blackpool 'VisitorPass' and more - the display feature suggests its application on a wider basis within future Illuminations designs, replacing the by now outmoded and repetitive tableau. Just one image example below showing the impact of technology on a large screen format - more please in the promenade illuminations.

A broken down bus on Clifton Street (of Catch22bus) and a despondent Trident of BTS standing next to the North Pier northbound tramstop were noteworthy images during a brief morning excursion into town. Contractor demolition work now well underway at North Station platform and tracks will receive attention shortly to round out the week.

No - not a tram replacement Trident - in the above scene.

former Cardiff area bus 382 on Clifton Street after receiving some tlc from a company mechanic from Catch22bus.

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