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Peoples Republic of China arriving at Fleetwood.........

Especial attention is being given to one of the Trust's tram collection at Wyre Dock, Fleetwood ahead of proposals now under active consideration for regeneration of this historic part of Fleetwood's fishing heritage.

The first sign of forthcoming changes to Trailer T7 is a flourishing of the national flag of the Peoples Republic of China - being held here by the Author and his wife. This follows removal of the adjoining Brush car which has been transferred to Rigby Road. A clean-up of the area of surrounding T7 is underway. The trailer will provide a publicly accessible venue with highlights of proposals featuring the Trust's collection.

This will be followed by attention to Twin-Set 673 and 683 which form part of the Trust's collection destined for permanent display at Wyre Dock and potential operation. Now subject to approval of the ambitious scheme under joint review with Associated British Ports, and supported by Fleetwood's Town Council with a growing list of companies.

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