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In Memory of David Hunt

David's permanent memorial - Twin-Car Set 673/683 in Rigby Road Depot awaiting collection by the FHLT for its initial storage at Kirkham Prison in 2011.

The passing of a notable transport enthusiast was marked with a funeral service held at Carleton Crematorium today. Attended by many friends the Eulogy was read by Dave Evans who spoke very eloquently to the recent passing at Victoria Hospital of a long familiar and voluble individual on the local transport scene.

David Hunt held a passion for Blackpool's trams in particular, as well as wider interests with buses of Lothian Transport among other operators. His efforts included launching preservation of a number of vehicles, perhaps notable among these was his focussed objective on securing Twin Car set 683 and 673. When the end of traditional tram operation by Blackpool Transport Services became evident David took strenuous personal initiatives to acquire this particular set which retains many original features of this now classic tram design from the 1960s craftsmen at Rigby Road Works.

His intention to see the set eventually go on display in Fleetwood, and ultimately its eventual operation was aided and abetted by parallel efforts of the FHLT in their early years. This resulted in the Twin Set being transported to HM Prison Kirkham and subsequently to storage in Wyre Dock where it rests today. Still retaining its now classic Metro Coastlines livery of its final operating years 673/683 are together the fitting memorial to this determined enthusiast.

In spite of increasing physical disability David remained active, following the ever changing local tram scene in Blackpool - being a frequent traveller on his mobility scooter, using the convenient tram stop nearest his home in Fleetwood. Whilst always thought of as being Scottish it transpires in fact David was from the northeast having moved with his parents north of the border in his younger years.

This early affinity with Scottish systems was evident through extended correspondence and contact with fellow enthusiasts that extended to personal efforts to preserve buses, including an Edinburgh Atlantean still lingering in Blackpool, among others now among ranks of other transport collections. A remarkable figure in many ways, ever determined in his lifelong pursuits and succeeding in ensuring that at least one classic Blackpool tram is kept on the Fylde coast, having personally ensured its reservation through detailed early exchanges with a very patient BTS management, well ahead of the light rail upgrade. Rest In Peace.

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