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Pleasure Beach Memories Revived

Contrasting trams all in immaculate green and cream (and some black and grey trim) to make the Pleasure Beach turning loop very nostalgic today, The unique Rail Coach cum Motor Unit 680 in its one off fleet livery on loan from the MTMS is a great survivor. The FHLT own sister car 678 in far less pristine condition awaiting its return to glory. Recently turned out of the Paint Shop in its original attractive BTS fleet livery of the 1990s Number 718 one of the quartet of rebuilt Balloon cars to a radical changed design. Now immaculate in its as built green and cream colours making a huge difference to the tram's appearance. Even the extended centre door platforms look less intrusive (or is it extrusive) within the BTS livery of former days.

A side on view of 718 provides an impressive record of this class of tram - all of which were subjected to the light rail upgrade condition allowing operation in regular service. Centenary 648 is equally impressive in the 1980s fleet livery applied to this class and the original (or nearly) appearance of these eight cars as delivered to Blackpool from the East Lancashire Coachbuilders works in Blackburn. The very last all new UK tram design before light rail and low floor regulations took hold. Off camera the FHLT 641 remains on display in its tangerine colours - very appropriate given the Wembley appearance of BFC yesterday which saw Blackpool promoted from Division Two of the Football League to Division One for the 2017/2018 Season. This means that the Fylde's two FA Teams will be squaring off against each other at least twice in the coming season - both being served by trams.

All Images : John Woodman

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