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Training Week

Driving down Lord Street on a bright sunny morning from meetings the sight of a Balloon car trundling sedately on its way to the Ferry obviously caught my attention.

On Driver Training duty it happened to pass a Flexity coming the other way also with driver under instruction - snatching an image from my car just about caught the scene.

A more sedate walk to Fleetwood Ferry found Balloon 711 parked up on the loop with the trainer and his conductor taking a break with time for a brief chat. Apparently this week sees a series of training days for both heritage crews as well as additional staff on the Bombardier trams. For the record this is Fleetwood at 1200 today.

An unfortunate affliction has hit the southbound platform stop at Bispham Station. This involves some subsidence underneath a section of the platform with consequent impact on the platform surface causing closure of the southbound stop. More work for the Permanent Way crew no doubt.

Below : showing off at Fleetwood Ferry with crew hidden inside taking a break during glorious weather and with marvellous views over Morecambe Bay.

Two contrasting trams both on Driver Training in Lord Street at London Road today. A motorist's view.

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