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ADL Enviro200 - something new in town

A chance encounter in Abingdon Street on Thursday morning found Blackpool's newest bus being tested out in service. The Alexander Dennis single deck design may become the replacement for the now ageing Optare Solos. A quick look inside found a well appointed interior layout - see image.

According to the driver the bus is on a week's trial with BTS. His only comment was on the wheel spacing differential for drivers used to the nimble front axle Solos. In this case the Enviro200 model has its front axle behind the entrance door position which meant pulling up at bus stops in some cases needed adjusting the distance for loading.

No doubt the neat green band which added to the overall appearance especially at the front of the vehicle - was to emphasise the design's green credentials all very topical in the current climate of diesel pollutant awareness.

Hopefully I will get to ride this demonstrator before it moves on to its next trial location. Report will follow.

Alexander Dennis takeover Blackpool's bus services on the 9 and 3. May 18th 2017

A slight step up from the age of the Solos. Smart interior finish on display and uncluttered look. Images : John Woodman

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