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  • John Woodman and Jessica Meyer-Rassow

Stockholm Trams - Heritage Museum

A cross bench open trailer - and a motor unit and trailer from the 1920s.

There is an excellent static display of many of Stockholm's classic trams open to the public in the city's transport museum located at Tegelviksgatan 22 with bus services 2 and 66 giving direct access from the centre.

In addition to the varied display the city's transport system also operates as part of the 7 Line a regular 'heritage' tram featured in the previous blog. Of relevance as well is the 'Cafe Tram' a twin-car set readily identifiable by the coffee cup on the roof of one of the cars! This was not sampled by our reporter however (below).

Obviously one of the earliest of the city's tram fleet complete with open driver platforms - not recommended in Sweden's winters, neat curaints and well illuminated interior for visitor viewing.

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