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Boring Holes

The sight of drilling teams at work next to Blackpool North Station and the Wilkinson's site is more evidence of imminent redevelopment at this part of Blackpool's central district. Test holes to determine the ground strata and condition on what originally was the classic railway terminus bringing millions to Talbot Road Railway Station and coincidentally the lure of a 'breezy cliff top ride to Fleetwood' courtesy of the tramroad company, are a necessary preamble to the capital investment for the North Station scheme from 2018.

This will coincide with total closure of the railway into Blackpool North next winter - to allow a realignment of existing tracks and platform infrastructure and erection of the overhead power line necessary for electric train service from Preston. Thus uniquely a combination of electrification of the railway line will coincide with extension of the tramway from the promenade to immediate proximity to the main railway station. Hopefully both developments will be dovetailed, although it is likely that the electrified train service will begin before the first trams arrive from North Pier junction and up Talbot Road.

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