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Bispham Station makeover

The landmark building which marks the tram stop at Bispham is now receiving attention following years of neglect after cessation of Blackpool Transport's use prior to the light rail upgrade work. Since then it has been shuttered and left more or less to the elements with disfiguring boards covering broken windows.

Blackpool Council own the structure (along with the neighbouring station building at Little Bispham). Having put the building on the market for rent with no takers it seems that alternate use may be on the cards. Certainly the building is need of care and remediation as anyone waiting for a tram at this point can clearly see with flaking ceilings and brickwork in need of pointing and some replacement. Images below : the structure this week whilst work was underway on the interior space.

No information is to hand on the purpose of the current work but no doubt this will become evident in due course. When the author enquired about terms and conditions covering any lease by the Council it was evident that quite a list of issues and covenants resulting from the building's frontage being part of the tram station infrastructure were major deterrents to would be tenants. Perhaps these have been modified to make way for a purposeful user. We shall see - all will be revealed.

A peek inside the former Inspector's space and cashing in office. Dust cloud due to ongoing work on joining walls. A once very familiar area for former conductors.

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