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The Only Tram on the Prom

January 1st saw the promenade bereft of tram service although BTS and Catch22bus were operating buses on most routes to a reduced schedule.

So it was left to Centenary 641 to represent the tramway in solitary splendour opposite the Pleasure Beach. Still in its BFC celebratory scheme and awaiting a sponsor for change of theme in 2017 - 641 continues to stand out in its tangerine and black colours together with impressive side panel vinyls.

A reminder of this unique prototype tram built in Blackburn in 1984 and its mid-life reconfigueration by Rigby Road Works. Sister car 642 in all over yellow appears in season to provide a working example for visitors whilst 648 does a marvellous job replicating the 'look' of this class in its original state.

641 still looking good New Year's Day 2017

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