The Busiest Bus Stop in Blackpool

November 27, 2016

Ironically immediately in front of what was once Talbot Road Bus Station are the busiest bus stops in Blackpool.   Both inbound and outbound stops on Talbot Road at the 'Wilko' location see convergence of at least ten BTS Services at this point.


We shall soon find out if these will be supplemented by the new tram service extension to North Station with a modern development and direct passenger entrance into the Station precinct.    Hopefully demolition of the Wilko property, which occupies the footprint site of the original North Station will allow for a widening of Talbot Road to provide inset parking space for the buses.   



 Blackpool's busiest bus stop with Service Numbers at the new shelters.              Below :  Starr Gate tram shelter promotes North Station tram extension.



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