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F Line to Fisherman's Wharf

The Trust's objectives in Fleetwood look enviously at the achievements over 6,000 miles away on the Pacific coast where the city of San Francisco has merged its varied trolleybus, transit and streetcar systems into a classic transport heritage paradise. The cable cars add their own unique and distinctive flavour to a city which has achieved 'must visit' status.

Among the varied trolleycars operating regular scheduled services are a small contingent from Milan, which itself maintains similar 1920s built 'Peter Witt' cars on some of that city's tramlines.

No lack of passengers on this Peter Witt car - not a seat to be had. A nice touch is the retained 'Exit' sign in Italian (and probably much more).

Below : Passenger's perspective behind the driver (note the handbrake wheel) and the driver in happy mode.

F for Fleetwood ? Note the immaculate turnout of this former Milan car 1814 and the outward opening doorframes. Trolley retriever towing pin and coupling all maintained in pristine condition. Images : Gail Woodman

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