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Bus Driver of the Year - 2016

Continuing from the last Blog a few more images and items from the above event hosted again in Blackpool - last weekend. Above : Spotland doesn't look like this if you are travelling between Rochdale and Bury.

As mentioned ad nauseum in the previous Blog the writer was enormously impressed with the styling and finish of the Lothian Buses entry in the competition. Its internal finish was certainly noteworthy with memories of earlier levels of passenger comfort. The coordinated colours inside the bus and especially on the naturally sidelit staircase and panelling are worth recording here.

Subdued internal moulded panels and discrete coordinated signage throughout with white grabrails. PS : Charlotte Ellen is on the rear of the bus in front.......

Cumberland Motor Services lives. At least within the Stagecoach empire and an ambitious vinyl to reinforce the incredible landscape in this part of England.

A delightful vinyl design and without any windows being marred - spoiling the unrivalled passenger views on services covered by this company.

Democracy in action in Liverpool - but not a cooperative venture.

A Platinum double decker to pair with Blackpool Palladium ? We don't know who Charlotte Ellen is - but a shade of Eddie Stobart trucks possibly. All Images taken by John Woodman at the scene.

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